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Up Next in Season 2

  • Grapes - S2E6

    With a deliciously sweet taste, both red & green grapes have a low glycemic-index, so they don't create a sugar rush. They deliver a stunning array of phytonutrients. We recommend buying organic since grapevines get regularly drenched in pesticides!

  • Corn - S2E7

    Yellow, purple, or blue corn - they're all yummy and nutritious. Generally best quick-steamed and with minimal butter, corn is packed with healthy fiber, plus some amazing antioxidants including lutein & zeaxanthin (essential for eyes) and also quercetin.

  • Celery - S2E8

    Kids love celery sticks! They'll snack this nutrient-packed super-food until they've devoured a whole stalk. The anti-inflammatory phytonutrients in celery are truly amazing. Whole or juiced- it's the magic food extolled by medical medium Tony Williams.