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  • Unsinkable Titanic Untold

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    Embark on a journey through a story never told in UNSINKABLE: Titanic Untold, as Senator William Alden Smith and investigative journalist Alaine Richard delve into the tragedy of Titanic, unraveling a tale of rushed investigations, political interference, and the pursuit of corporate accountabili...

  • It's Happening Right Here

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    Learn more about the prevalence of sex-trafficking and how to recognize children at risk while protecting our loved ones at home.

  • The War On Children

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    “The War On Children” exposes the WAR that’s being waged on children today through gender ideology, ESG, CRT, sexualization of entertainment, sex trafficking, online exploitation, TikTok, Big Pharma and more. Landon and Robby Starbuck take viewers on a cinematic journey through this war while fea...

  • Seeds of Freedom

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    A documentary featuring local organizations, including Zera House, who in various ways combat sex trafficking and support survivors in their recovery to build a new life for themselves.