The Amazing Bible

The Amazing Bible

4 Episodes

This series features all of the Amazing Bible episodes which include The Amazing Book, The Amazing Children, Amazing Miracles, and the Amazing Sing A Long. A captivating, fully animated series that entertains while it teaches children about the world's best selling Book.

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The Amazing Bible
  • The Amazing Book

    Episode 1

    Your children will delight in the exciting animated adventures of Doc Dickory, Revver, and their "book mole" friend Dewey Decimole, as they explore God's Word and discover why its authors, books, history, and stories are so important.

  • The Amazing Children

    In this fun-filled, animated adventure, the excitable Revver and feisty Rikki are tired of being kids because "being a kid is nothing important." So, Doc Dickory and Dewey bring the children of the Bible to life through story and song.

  • The Amazing Miracles

    In "The Amazing Miracles", Doc, Rikki, Revver, and friends find themselves in cat-astrophic trouble when Revver launches a new airplane and accidentally buzzes Giant Cat out of his Catnap. The giant feline captures Doc and things look pretty hopeless - or do they?

  • The Amazing Sing Along