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Modern Dinosaurs

Extreme Survivors - S1E3

Season 1 • 44m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Island Giants - S1E5

    Many of New Zealand's native animals share an unusual trait - they're living giants. These islands are home to insects that grow as big as a rats, the largest birds to ever live, carnivorous snails as big as a fist, and a two metre long lake monster that slithers across beaches - the longfin eel.

  • Violent Seas - S1E6

    We're still unlocking the mysteries of New Zealand's oceans. The creatures that live there are hardy; survivors who have met every challenge thrown at them. With the extinction of marine dinosaurs, an evolutionary door opened to allow sharks, whales, and other creatures to thrive.

  • A Very Strange Parrot - S1E4

    Most parrots are colourful and fly in noisy flocks, but New Zealand's kakapo breaks all the rules. It's been called the strangest parrot in the world. With only 154 kakapo left, a hardy team of researchers is attempting to preserve this dying lineage in a race against the clock.