Corn Warriors

Corn Warriors

3 Seasons

In an epic battle against mother nature, five farmers also compete in the National Corn Growers Association for top yield in corn production. Join them on a journey through the 2017 growing season as they each strive to be the best farmer in the world.

Corn Warriors
  • Kings of Corn

    David Hula and Randy Dowdy are off to a quick start this year. The weather is cooperating and they are both able to get the corn crop in the ground with no major issues.

  • 40 Days

    The midwest is plagued by insane amounts of flooding this year. They are having a hard time getting crops in the ground. The five day window doesnt exist this year and one eager contestants decides not to wait.

  • A Mother Scorned

    With record breaking rain fall, some of the Warriors are still not able to plant. The ones that have are regretting it.

  • Shucks

    One of the Warrior throws in the towel as he claims this is the worst year in his lifetime. For others, the weather is turning a corner.

  • Attention to Detail

    Managing a crop is not easy, especially on high yield corn. There are so many products to use. The Warriors create custom applications for high yield corn.

  • Jimmy Cracked

    The corn at one Warrior farms was mistreated and is not happy. Self inflicted wounds can be extra painful in battle.

  • Market Dents

    What is the deal with the corn prices? The price of corn seems locked into place forever, regardless of supply. The Warriors discuss markets.

  • Let Us Spray Again

    The Corn Warriors are doing everything they can to survive this year. Treatments have stopped on lots of acres, but there is still hope in places for a good contest pull. Kevin seems to have had it the worst with most of his acres totally wiped out. Dan has corn in the ground but it is still very...

  • Nutrient Levels

    With the few Warriors that are still in the running, management is at a crucial stage. Knowing when and what rates is crucial.

  • Morning Dew

    The morning brings needed moisture for plants and a prayer just to pick some corn this year.

  • Moisture

    The Indiana boys are staying busy on the farm. Kevin in putting in tile and Brooks has started harvesting. Hopes are not high this year for big yields.

  • Good Pickin

    David and Randy are still harvesting and looking for some big yields. Things are starting to look pretty good for the two Warriors. It's a close race this year.

  • Contest Results

    Episode 13

    After a long, hard year for most of the Warriors, there is no telling how the yields will pan out. Corn Warriors assigns points for different aspects of each Warriors farming practice, evening the playing field. Not just the most bushels wins anymore. Watch now to see who won the 2019 Corn Warrio...