Corn Warriors

Corn Warriors

3 Seasons

In an epic battle against mother nature, five farmers also compete in the National Corn Growers Association for top yield in corn production. Join them on a journey through the 2017 growing season as they each strive to be the best farmer in the world.

Corn Warriors
  • 100 Percent Gnats

    Episode 1

    David Hula and Randy Dowdy go head to head in an epic race for the highest yield. Their new yield goal is 600 bushels per acre.

  • Cornspiracy

    Episode 2

    Matt Swanson is struggling to get his planter ready for the field. He also takes a trip to Luepkes farms in search for yield secrets. Dan is prepping for planting and starts putting some corn in the ground.

  • Kernel of Truth

    Episode 3

    Randy Dowdy is managing his corn crop and asking for less rain. He has a special surprise in store for David Hula this year. Kevin Kalb is having a great start to the season, but still deals with challenges on the farm.

  • Never Forget Your Roots

    Episode 4

    David Hula, Randy Dowdy, Kevin Kalb, Dan Luepkes and Matt Swanson finish up planting and the drama heats up as Randy throws down a challenge.

  • Sprayer Blight

    Episode 5

    David Hula and Kevin Kalb both deal with challenges this year, but one issue that they can control is sprayer blight.

  • Rain Check

    Episode 6

    Randy Dowdy started with a drought but now the rain is giving him a new challenge. Dan Luepkes is held up by rain but gets right back in the fields. Everywhere you look, the rain is running the show.

  • Casualties of Corn

    Episode 7

    David Hula and Matt Swanson are dealing with serious challenges this year. The corn is dying from not enough water and the wind is snapping the corn in half. Mother nature is not in a good mood this year.

  • Walking the Field

    Episode 8

    Randy Dowdy is faced with one challenge after another this year. Mother nature seems to have it out for him as she dumps rain on south Georgia. Kevin Kalb checks his corn and prepares final touches to his contest fields.

  • Get Your Tractor On

    Episode 9

    Hula, Luepkes and Swanson make their final passes on their Corn and pray that everything holds together for the last month of the growing season.

  • Corn to Secrecy

    Episode 10

    The warriors are out for blood this year as the trash talk heats up.

  • All Ears

    Episode 11

    Kevin Kalb is met with fierce resistance as he attempts to harvest his contest plots. Dan Luepkes is plauged with horrible disease that could cost him serious bushels.

  • Reap What you Grow

    Episode 12

    David Hula and Randy Dowdy finish the year out with disappointing results. It seems like nothing is going well for either contestant. Who will secure the title of Corn King this year?

  • The Crown

    Episode 13

    The Corn Warrior Contest Results for David Hula, Randy Dowdy, Kevin Kalb, Dan Luepekes, and Matt Swanson