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Up Next in Season 2

  • Cabbage - S2E10

    Eat it raw or lightly cooked, purple, or white - cabbage is a cruciferous powerhouse of nutrients. It's also high in fiber, and kids particularly love the crunchy part found towards the heart a whole cabbage. These kids are inhaling it!

  • Blackberries - S2E11

    A bit more tart and firmer than their blueberry cousin, they are a hardy fruit packed with nutritious goodness. Add to cereal or eat as a dessert treat, blackberries are a great source of vitamins C and E, plus pectin to aid digestion. Copy-Kids love 'em!

  • Watermelon - S2E12

    Is there a kid on the planet who doesn't love watermelon? The ultimate refreshment fruit, filled with antioxidants, including lycopene and the amino acid citrulline. Why is that helpful for kids? It stabilizes blood sugar and staves off diabetes. Yummy!